Valentine’s Day – Kids

Okay, Moms! It’s that time for us to do what we do best! Let’s get creative and crafty with the Valentine’s Day traditions and gifts! Although some may say it’s a “Hallmark Holiday” the children don’t know that. To them, it’s an important holiday and they most definitely do not want to be left out. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the kids were not allowed to pass out cards or candy at school last year so I had to be a little extra for my babies! I wanted to share with you, my Top 10 favorite ideas to make Valentine’s Day extra special for the little ones.

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#1 – 14 Days of Love Notes.

This idea is easy and so sweet! Your kids will remember this tradition forever! Starting February 1st leading up to Valentine’s Day, write a reason why you love your child on a cut-out heart and tape it to their door. This will be the first thing they see when they wake up in the morning and will remind them how special there are to you.

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#2 – Decorate your house with Valentines Day decor.

My baby boy has his birthday in February before V-day so I decorate after his birthday. I always add to my decorations each year too. You can catch deals after the big day which will save you money and it’s a nice surprise for the kids the following year. (Just wait till you see this years setup, coming next week!)

#3 – Read a Valentine’s themed book with them.

My daughter loves to read. She will read to her brothers as much as they will listen. I found some cute books on Amazon! Also, Target usually has a good selection online. Reading to the little ones definitely helps them learn how to speak and read.

#4 – Make them a Valentine’s Day goodie bag.

I actually bought brown and white goodie bags on Amazon and I use them for various occasions. You can let the kids decorate the bags or decorate it yourself. You can paint them, add stickers or glitter… get creative and make it personal for them.

#5 – Make them a homemade card or write them a personal letter.

My kids really enjoy the homemade stuff. I actually will be doing this while my daughter is at school this week. I love getting crafty, any excuse to use glitter! You can find cute ideas on Pinterest.

#6 – Help them make valentines cards and treats for their friends and family.

Luckily, schools are allowing the kids to exchange cards this year (yay!). My daughter chose Super Mario Brother cards and miniature pop it’s for her class. I’m going to get little treat bags and add some candy, hole punch the card and attach to the bags. The kids also made cards for each other and family members.

#7 – Get them a plush toy and balloon that you know they will adore!

My middle son loves animals. So naturally when we’re out getting last minute supplies for baby boys birthday, he saw a valentines tiger he wanted. I will be going back to get that one for him!

#8 – Always a classic, flowers.

My husband always get my daughter and I flowers each year from him and the boys. We all enjoy this tradition! I don’t have a green thumb, even though I try, so succulent cactus are always my hearts desire. My daughter lights up when she gets her daddy’s flowers!

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#9 – Everyone dress for the occasion!

I always find adorable shirts on Amazon or at Target. You can save money by looking through the clothes they already have and pick anything that looks and feels like Valentine’s Day. Have them wear a red or pink shirt or anything with hearts.

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#10 – Special Valentines Day breakfast.

In addition to eggs and bacon, you can make cinnamon rolls or heart shaped waffles! Whatever your kids LOVE, just make that to surprise them and make them feel extra special on Valentines Day. Use cookie cutters to cut their fruit instead of cutting it regular. I promise they will enjoy and appreciate the little extras!

I am doing a little mixture of all! I know there are super creative moms and teachers out there! Let me know which is your favorite!


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