Valentine’s Day for YOU! – Must be 21

I am always preaching (and TRYING to remember myself) that self care is the best care! Us moms are burnt out now more than ever. Navigating a global pandemic, keeping the house in order, doing all the mom and housewife chores that we do for our families. Some moms are working from home with the kids and some moms have put their careers on hold to became stay at home moms. Ladies, don’t forget to love yourself this Valentine’s Day!

1. Start your day with yoga or stretching.

I always feel amazing when I wake up and do some yoga. It’s a great way to get your body moving and the positive vibes flowing! Show your body some love and TLC. Breathe. Get outside if you can, that sunshine does wonders for your mental health. Not to mention the fresh air!

2. Take a bubble bath.

Run an oversized, hot, bubble bath for yourself. Turn on your favorite music, pour a glass of bubbly or wine, and relax. Have your spouse watch the kids and keep them out of the bathroom for awhile. Add some fresh cucumbers to your eyes and BREATHE!

3. Try those sample face masks you have been hoarding in your bathroom.

I have a drawer full of these masks! I’m going to try a new one this Valentine’s Day for sure. Don’t forget the under eye treatments. Put these on while you’re in the bath or right after you get out. Exfoliate your skin then moisturize. Guaranteed you will feel like a million bucks afterwards!

4. Champagne!

That’s all, just a super chilled bottle of champagne in your best champagne flute. Obviously, Dom Pérignon is the fan favorite if you want to splurge! I honestly LOVE my André Champagne Brut! It’s the best taste in my opinion and very affordable. You can also try Rosé or Prosecco. Anything bubbly!

5. Get your favorite sweet or candy.

If you’re on a diet, get a miniature piece! It’s all about moderation, right? After a lovely meal you will need something a little sweet. You can also spice things up and make it fun by dipping strawberries in chocolate with your partner. There are also millions of sweet ideas on Pinterest.

6. Order your favorite food for pickup or delivery.

Why cook unless you ENJOY cooking. In which case, you can cook your heart out and have your family join you in the kitchen. Otherwise, take a break and let someone else cook. There are so many good delivery services and restaurants that deliver now. You’re not stuck with just pizza or Chinese food options. Maybe your spouse will cook for you? Whatever you choose as long as it’s not you.

7. Get your hair and nails done.

It’s so important to remember who YOU are. Not mom you or wife you, just you. I personally keep my nails done for myself and I have an appointment Sunday before Valentines so I will have a fresh set. Also, get that hair did girl. Get a blowout or whatever makes you feel like the beautiful goddess you already are.

8. Make Valentines art and/ or cards with the family.

The kids will love it and you get special time with the fam. It makes my heart so happy to see my kids smiling faces when I give them things I hand make for them. Not to mention all the love, hugs, kisses and memories you will get from your babies while doing these activities.

9. Watch a movie or read a book with all the feels!

Pick your favorite romantic escape and indulge! Or switch it up and binge a series you’ve been wanting to see. The new series possibilities are endless these days! You could get your favorite, comfy blanket and cuddle up with your Kindle to read if you prefer. Take the time to clear your head and escape for a bit.

10. Take a nap or go to sleep early.

Your body needs to reset. Rest. Mind, body, and soul. You need it and you deserve it. Especially when you feel totally exhausted, take a step back and look at yourself. It is NOT selfish to take time for yourself. Remember your kids want their mom to be happy!

You show love to everyone else on Valentine’s Day and every other day! It’s time to love yourself too. Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!


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