Easter Baskets, Part 3 – Teen

By now, your teenagers most likely do not believe in the Easter bunny. Booooo! However, you can still make them feel special and create the magic of Easter by decorating your house and creating an amazing basket for them. Below are some basket filler ideas for your teen.

1. Gift cards or cash

There is unlimited access to gift cards these days! I do suggest you get directly from the company. For example, for an Amazon gift card order directly from site or Dunkin Donuts gift card, purchase the gift card while you’re getting coffee. I actually ordered gift cards for my parents from a store for an unrelated restaurant and the cards did not work. Save that receipt! You can get the bigger eggs from Amazon or maybe even your local dollar store and put the gift cards or cash in those. Still a special surprise when they open the egg!

2. Personal care items/ toiletries

(These are also great stocking stuffers at Christmas!) You can add their favorite cologne or perfume. Face care essentials: face wash, face masks, under eye cream, face lotion, etc.. Makeup, nail polish, or body sprays. Bath and Body Works is always a hit. These are amazing Easter basket fillers!

3. Candy

Get your teens favorite candy and don’t forget the seasonal candy! Stuff some plastic eggs with candy for the Easter vibes and bring some childhood excitement and memories back to your teens Easter holiday.

4. Bathing suit

It’s spring! Almost summer. If you live in Florida like I do, it’s already pool and beach weather. I will most likely carry on this tradition as long as I can still pick out suits they will like!

5. Ear pods or headphones

Whichever one’s they prefer. If they already have some, upgrade! Teens this day and age use the all electronics for everything. This will always be a winner for your teen!

6. Flip Flops

Being Floridians, we can not have enough flip flops! They have the old school jellies, slides, thong flip flops, you know what your teen will wear. You can even match them to the bathing suit! Easy addition they’re sure to love in their basket.

7. Camera

There is this really cool, modern Polaroid camera called Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera that instantly feeds out mini pictures that develop right before your eyes! So cool! It’s fits so nicely in the Easter basket and every teen will enjoy!

8. Mini Photo Printer

How amazing is technology? Not only can we take pictures with our phones but, now we can print them on little mobile printers. These are so modern and convenient. Definitely an Easter win for parents!

9. Sunglasses

Always a win. If your teen is like me, I cannot have enough sunglasses. I will ruin sunglasses quicker than anything! I have sat on countless pairs and scratched them in my purse. The Ray Bans are my favorite. Pick the style that suits your teen!

10. Special gift

What is your teen into? Music, electronics, fashion, etc.. Maybe they are really sentimental and a framed family photo would be the best choice. You know your babies, even though they are teens they are still your baby. Add this special touch to your teen basket.

Create the baskets and hide them until Easter morning. Get up early to surprise your teen with their basket and make a delicious breakfast. Don’t forget to wrap your basket and tie off with creative bow for the full effect. I would also add a cool cup. Let me know what you fill your baskets with and ENJOY!


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