That Concert Life – Must be 21

Nothing like a GREAT concert to make you feel alive! I have been to so many music festivals and concerts (but, definitely not enough!). The thrill of seeing your favorite artist perform your favorite song! There’s nothing more exhilarating! Having the best group of friends with you, watching your crazy best friend crowd surf! Ahhhh those days are the days to be alive!

Alanis Morrisette Jagged Little Pill Tour
West Palm Beach, August, 2021

There are things nobody tells you about concerts. Like what to wear or what to bring with you. In regards to wardrobe, check with the group! Maybe y’all want to have a theme or color scheme! If not, my advice is to dress comfortable and look at the weather. Closed toe shoes are good, especially if you like to mosh! I like all kinds of music so the atmosphere and vibes are always changing. This means the perfect outfit for an outdoor reggae event is not the same as an indoor, assigned seat venue.

Warped Tour
Orlando, 2009

If you have an upcoming music event (or maybe this is your sign from the universe to book it!) Below is my concert checklist for ANY musical bash!

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Alanis Morrisette, Jagged Little Pill Tour
West Palm Beach, August, 2021

1. Small crossbody purse/ Fanny pack or small book bag (wear on your chest, not your back). Some venues require see through bags. It’s important to look that up before you go. Usually it’s a small bag but, check just in case. You don’t want to be turned away at the entrance and miss parts of the show.

Image from

2. Print your ticket ahead of time or have it saved to your phone, just in case you do not get reception at the entrance. Before kids, one of my close friends would make us a folder and itinerary. (We love you, Sheily!) I wonder what happened to the actual folders after the shows?

PBOH @ Warped Tour
Orlando, 2009

3. Hand sanitizer. Get the little ones from Amazon or Bath and Body Works with the little holders that can hang off your belt loop or bag. You can stock up when they have their semi-annual sales. Or you can find little sanitizers anywhere these days, unless we start over with a new pandemic. KIDDING! Too soon for pandemic jokes?

4. HYDRATE and EAT! This is so important. Especially if you are drinking alcoholic beverages, try to drink water in between each drink. Take breaks from booze. If you are at an all day music festival and your favorite band is last, you won’t make it to that show if you didn’t hydrate and eat. My good friend also insists on taking these hangover supplements from Amazon. If you’re a mom like me, you will still have to get up and Mom tomorrow.

Rebelution 2011

5. Photo ID, credit card, and a little cash. There are some handy little card carriers you can stash in your small bag. This will hold onto to these items for you. I found an adorable one on Amazon!

Image from

6. Hair tie, hair clip, and/ or bandana. Just in case one breaks. It gets hot! And your hair will most likely not look so beautiful after a few hours. I honestly have a really small brush I keep in my concert bag too.

Cocoa Beach, FL 2011

7. Small powder compact or makeup. Touch ups will be needed. If you’re going to all day event in the sun, you should also bring some sunblock. I take the little sunblock sticks I use for my kids. They don’t take up a lot of space in your bag and are easy to apply to your face.

Garbage, Jagged Little Pill tour
West Palm Beach, FL August 2021

8. Make sure everyone in your group has their location turned on in their cell phone. This way you can locate one another at all times. What if you lose your phone and need to find it? What if you drink too much and get lost? Things happen, be prepared.

Korn, Earthday Birthday
Orlando, 2010

9. Don’t take drinks from strangers! Y’all, this is nothing new. I hate this fact but, there are still creeps out there who will try to drug you. Follow this one simple rule and you can still be safe and enjoy yourself without worrying about drugs in your drinks. My friends and I will usually get a round each so we don’t have to pull out our wallets each time.

Alanis Morrisette 2021

10. Designated driver or Uber home. Don’t drink and drive. That’s stupid. There’s a million SAFE ways to get home. Plan ahead so you can relax and enjoy the show! If you have a designated driver, make sure you check out the parking situation prior to leaving your house.

11. Bring your cell phone FULLY CHARGED! And if you can fit it in your bag, bring a cordless charger. With all the videos, pictures, social media posts, texts, etc… Your phone may die at an all day event. There is no greater stress than not being able to reach your kids and family! No way, don’t end your amazing day with that unwanted stress.

Okay, now you are ready for your concert! Enjoy and take lots of pictures!


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  1. Cassie says:

    I haven’t been to a concert in YEARS. We were never as prepared as you seem to be. I can attest to the eating/ hydrating advice. I remember a friend passing out while we were in line waiting to get into a concert during the peak of the summer. She had to be taken to the medical tent to hydrate. It wasn’t pretty. At the age I am now, I would definitely be more comfortable going with a fully prepped bag with all the stuff you suggested. Such a great, comprehensive list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is your sign from the universe to buy some concert tickets! Thanks so much for the comments and shares! ❤️


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