Losing My Blog Virginity

Wow, the day is FINALLY here! I can officially call myself a blogger and blog owner! This excursion has been exhilarating and scary, all at the same time! If one person besides my parents reads this, I’m going to consider this blog launch a success!

How did I get here you ask?

It all began when I first learned about writing and computers were becoming popular. (Yes – I was born in the ‘80s but, I’m a ‘90s chick all the way!) I have always wanted to be a writer. As a young child, I turned a puzzle box into a computer. I would flip one side up like a monitor. Then lay the other face down and draw a keyboard on the box so I could pretend to type. Being a writer and owning my own business has always been my dream. That being said, I love seeing other women happy and thriving too! If I can write something that helps another mom get through a hard time, that alone is a success.

I once dreamt of sitting in a cafe in Paris, sipping the best latte of my life, and writing poetry! Then Jewel wrote one of my favorite poetry books, “A Night Without Armor”. As kids do, I started growing up and coming to crossroads in life. That dream got pushed under layers of daily responsibilities and social activities. I’ve been working and living on my own since I was 17 years old. I’m a career-driven, retired party girl turned into a stay-at-home, working-from-home mom. I have wanted to start a mom blog since I became a mother and I knew there was so much I wanted to share.

While the Covid-19 pandemic was in full throttle, I started working from home with the kids. This is when I started brainstorming the idea of creating my blog. One day I was walking through our garage to put recyclables in our recycling bin, I noticed all that was in our recycling was milk cartons and wine bottles. The blog name instantly came to me! I ran to get my phone and called my best friend to get her opinion. The blog name is a winner!

Milk Cartons and Wine Bottles

Fast forward to October 2021..

My beautiful 7 year old daughter had career day at school. She knows I work in healthcare finance but, she also knows I always wanted to be a writer. So she asked “Mommy, why don’t you write?” I didn’t have an answer for her and it really got me thinking. I have the perfect blog name and the ability to make this dream a reality. In that moment, I decided to get up and go! Thank you for that question bug, you have once again saved me. And now, here we are!

About the Blog Posts

This blog is not just about parenting. I will be writing about life! And art, concerts, yoga, fashion, recipes, the topics are endless. I will be posting 1-3 posts a week after the initial launch on February 1, 2022. I also want to encourage people who are struggling with their mental health to know, they are not alone and they CAN get through the next 24 hours. I have always struggled with my anxiety and panic disorder, I was also diagnosed with depression when I was in grade school. As a adult, I survived a traumatic event and now have PTSD. I feel pretty good when I’m busy and not driving anywhere but, we will get to that later.

My brain is always on overload which causes my anxiety disorder to flare. It’s extremely fun if you like feeling dizzy and having heart palpitations. When I add my daily dose of caffeine, this can sometimes lead to a full on panic attack. Now that I’m always home with my babies and I don’t have to worry about driving, my anxiety is a lot better. Having this blog as a positive outlet has been therapeutic! Now, I can release the spiraling thoughts into a rough draft and sort through them. Who knew writing would be the key to having a grasp on my mental health.

The Ending to my First Blog Post

Getting back to why I started this blog site, I want to leave you all with the same thoughts and questions my daughter left me. Are you pursuing your dreams? If the answer is no, why not? It’s never too late for a fresh start or to initiate going after your dreams. Nobody is going to give it to you, you have to get it yourself. Here’s your sign to get up and go! I did and I have no regrets!


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