Endometriosis Warriors

There are countless women who have endometriosis and are suffering month after month, day after day. Some people in society think women who have endometriosis are just having “bad period cramps”. To those women who are lucky enough to have easy, short periods – please tell me, what’s it like to be God’s favorite?

March is endometriosis awareness month and as a endometriosis survivor, this is very important to me. Endometriosis controlled my life for almost 3 decades. I know I had endometriosis when I was 13 but, it was not diagnosed until I was 17. I spent a lot of days curled in a ball on the bathroom floor, unable to move due to the pain. I had to plan my life around it and it was hard to get a pain medicine that worked. After miscarriages and being told I probably could not have any children, I was blessed with 3 beautiful, perfect babies. After my 3rd c section, I decided to have a hysterectomy in hopes to rid the endometriosis. I just had the procedure a few months ago and so far so good!

A friend of mine also suffers from endometriosis and has been a huge vessel of knowledge for a lot of people! She’s very active with Endometriosis Awareness events and groups . I told her I was writing about endometriosis and she sent me some usual information to share with you. If you are suffering, talk to your doctor. Do your research. This is not an easy thing to live with and you are not alone.


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(The below was written by Ashley Nicole. She is not a doctor of any kind. The below is based on her experiences , opinions, and personal research.)

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a painful condition that affects 1 in 10 women worldwide. Endometriosis is not the same but is similar to the endometrial lining that lines the uterus. These implants and stroma are found inside and outside of the reproductive organs. Endometriosis also presents as systemic inflammation and adhesive disease. Endometriosis has been found on many extra pelvic organs such as the urinary system, diaphragm, bowel and intestinal organs to name a few. It is rare but endometriosis has been found on the brain, sinuses, and skin.

Some Endometriosis Symptoms

*Painful periods
*Heavy bleeding
*Lower back
*Leg pain
*Pain during intercourse
*Painful bowel movements
*Chronic fatigue

This disease takes an average of 10 years to receive proper diagnosis and treatment due to the lack of knowledge of the disease in the medical system. Endometriosis is often misdiagnosed as IBS, depression, or other pelvic conditions. Often times this disease is treated with temporary care such as birth control, GnRH agonists, ablation of lesions, and unwanted hysterectomies. Endo should be treated as a speciality. These patients should always be referred to an endometriosis excision specialist for quality diagnosis and care. Due to the fact endometriosis is not well studied during medical school, it is difficult to find a doctor well versed in this disease therefore they are usually unable to diagnose and thoroughly treat the disease.

The severity of my endometriosis required extensive surgery with Dr. Sinervo and his team. It has been 5 years since my surgery and my quality of life is more than I could have ever wished for! Living with this disease for so long has made me a passionate advocate! I started a local endometriosis support group called Endometriosis Warriors of Central Florida on Facebook and endo.bridgingthegap on Instagram where I offer support as well guidance to the right information and the right Doctors.

Thank you for your support in raising awareness for Endometriosis!

Image from Ashley Nicole

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