Easter Baskets, Part 2 – Babies

Baby’s first Easter! So exciting! I remember getting my babies their first Easter baskets (matching or similar, of course). I felt so much excitement and butterflies when I was filling up their first baskets! Let’s not forget the gorgeous spring colors displayed all over the house. Ahhhh! A day for brunch, family, and sun!

The below Easter basket fillers are sure to bring big smiles to their little baby faces! Here is the list I compiled containing my Easter basket essentials for newborns and small baby’s!

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1. Teether Toy

Always needed! You never know which teether or toy your baby will love. Some babies prefer a clean, wet washcloth that’s been sitting in the freezer for a couple hours. My babies liked the banana toothbrush/ teether and of course the little ones you keep in your freezer. With teething, parents will try pretty much anything to help with the discomfort and pain. Poor babies!

2. Baby’s 1st toothpaste and toothbrush set.

Dr. Browns has a little giraffe toothbrush set which is one of my favorites! If you’re just starting with tooth care, get the infant toothbrush that looks similar to a thimble and comes with baby toothpaste. And as I mentioned before, my littles loved the banana toothbrush. When it comes to toothpaste, just make sure it does not have fluoride. There are so many options for baby toothpaste. Do your research and pick what works for you and your baby.

3. Bathings suit.

The little baby girl bikinis!! Soo adorable! I usually get the long sleeve rash guard tops for my girl and the boys. So much easier when you think about sunblock. (Yes – I still use sunblock! But, I have less anxiety about it washing off and none of them have ever had a sunburn, knock on wood!) Kids’ clothing lines have so many options for boys and girls these days. Way more than when I was a kid. There are even adorable unisex bathing suits on Amazon!

Image from Amazon

4. Sunglasses.

There are so many cute pieces of eyewear for babies these days! Pick a style that matches the swimsuit or Easter basket colors. They have superhero, character, Nike… you see where I’m going with this. There are also sets you can buy so you can mix and match. I like neutral colors too. White or black, aviators for infants! So cute.

Image from Amazon

5. Flip flops or Water Shoes

These have to match the bathing suit and sunglasses! There are really any style flip flops or water shoes for babies, they just have the extra strap in the back. They will grow out of these quickly. Try to guess the size they will be when they will start wearing them and go a size bigger to be safe!

6. Teething wafers and/ or baby puffs.

My mom actually had this idea and I stole it! You can get the teething wafers individually wrapped so take them out of the box and use them as fillers for the basket. Also, the teething puffs are great to fill the easter eggs instead of getting the baby candy. Always a win with the baby’s!

Image from Amazon

7. Sippy Cup.

This may be baby’s first cup, aww! Tons of options these days. I am a fan of Dr Browns products so we used those. Spill proof cups are the key to success! I speak from personal experience. Spilled milk and juice is no fun to clean.

8. New outfit or onesie set.

The little baby spring onesies and outfits are debatably better than the Christmas outfits! The pastels, khakis, and overalls! So sweet! We would sometimes add a summer hat or accessory to match the outfit in the baby’s Easter basket. The little bunny ears and onesie set makes me want another baby!

9. Easter trinket or Stuffed Animal

Start a new tradition and get little trinkets every year! We get these cute little chicks and bunnies to add to the baskets. We add them each year so we have a little collection going! I use them to decorate the house each year. The kids get excited when I bring them out to decorate and they always enjoy playing with them.

10. Baby’s First Easter Book.

It’s so good to read to the babies. My husband is a teacher and when I was pregnant with our first baby, all the teachers said read to your baby! We use to alternate nights and read, it’s more challenging with 3 opposed to 1 but, we still try to make it happen. Sign and date the inside of the book for baby to keep.

Your baby will enjoy their Easter basket and these memories will make beautiful pictures! Don’t forget to wrap your basket and tie off with a creative bow for the full effect. Enjoy!


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