Small Business Spotlight

ATTENTION: Small Business Owners!

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have always been around but, it seems like now more than ever!

Due to the Pandemic, parents are having to work from home and the field has been booming! More and more people are realizing you don’t always have to work for someone else. If you have a talent, niche, and burning desire you can create something out of nothing. The trick is getting started!

Since I started my blogging journey, I have met so many wonderful people and discovered countless small businesses that I didn’t even know existed! It’s incredible to see the dedication and growth of all the small businesses, old and new. I was talking to a couple of friends recently about possible collaborations and “Small Business Spotlight” kept popping up in my head. The more I thought about it, the more I knew I had to start writing this piece monthly for my blog.

What Is Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight is a monthly blog post dedicated to a small business, selected a random. It is designed to feature ONE business each month on Milk Cartons and Wine Bottles blog site. The blog post will highlight the business, services, and/ or products. The business may freely share the post and there are always possibilities for future collaborations! I will post the first Spotlight in May 2022.

How To Sign-Up or Nominate

You will need to fill out the inquiry form on the blog site with a brief description of the business, service, and/ or products. Also, explain why you want to featured – What makes your business special! I will read through all the requests and randomly select a business. You only need to apply or nominate once. I will use all submissions each month in the hopes to eventually feature all! I will notify the business owner and confirm their participation. I will then email the business owner a questionnaire that must be filled out and returned to me within 48 hours. I will also request for the owner to email me 4-6 pictures that they want to be featured with the blog post.

Requirements For Eligibility

1. The business must be valid and active.

2. Subscribe to

3. Fill out the inquiry form on the website. Please use the business name as the subject line on the inquiry. (All submissions are private and are stored within the WordPress account. The inquiry will not be used for anything other than the Small Business Spotlight.)

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line by CLICKING HERE!

Small businesses are the heart and soul of this country. I am so excited to start the Small Business Spotlight! I look forward to meeting and working with everyone! Cheers!


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