Easter Baskets, Part 1 – Kids

Easter is a favorite holiday in our house! We always have an egg hunt, great food, and are surrounded by loved ones. I look forward to the beautiful pastel colors and the sweet Sunday outfits! Each of my kids have their own basket they got their 1st Easter. This is the basket that the “Easter Bunny” fills each year. Such a fun holiday!

I’ve started getting my list together for gift ideas and organizing my kids baskets. You know I love my Pinterest! You can always check there for additional ideas. I have one girl and two boys but, the baskets have the same items so nobody is left out. This is my go to list for Kids Easter Baskets 2022!

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1. Filled surprise eggs.

You can buy the eggs prefilled or you can fill them yourself. I put candy, coins, stickers, and small toys in the eggs. Add a couple Kinder Eggs and you are good to go. These make for great themed basket fillers! Creativity goes a long way!

Image from Amazon

2. Headphones or earbuds.

All of my kids have their own tablets and they use different volumes. They are all due for a good pair of headphones or earbuds. Target and Amazon have really good options and colors. So many are wireless now!

Image from Amazon

3. Bathing suits.

It’s spring! We live in Florida on a lake and have a pool. We wear some bathing suits around here. My daughter hates wearing the same suit twice in a row. My kids like to mix it up with their swimming attire. If you have room in the Easter basket, you can add a bathing suit cover as well.

Image from Amazon

4. Flip flops or water shoes.

Match some cute water shoes or flips flops to their bathing suit. You can use these along the back of the basket for added support to the other items or prop up at the front of the basket. All will look adorable and will stay in place with the basket wrap at the end.

5. Sunglasses.

There are so many cute pieces of eyewear for kids these days! Pick a style that suits your child. You can match to the basket colors if you want. They have superhero, character, Nike… you see where I’m going with this. There’s also sets you buy so you can mix and match.

Images from Amazon

6. Bubbles and PlayDoh.

Always a hit! I order multipacks of each, bubble wand set and Play Doh set then I divide it all up between the kids. These are great fillers for the basket and we are always running out of these around our house.

Image from Amazon

7. Markers and coloring book.

Crayons, paint, markers, pencils – They all fall under this category. Whichever you know your child would like the best. Pick their favorite! My boys waste so much markers by leaving the tops off of them. (TIP: Stock up when there are back to school sales!) You can get coloring books on Amazon, Target, or dollar stores. Pretty much anywhere that has an art section.

8. Spring/ summer outfit.

For my boys, some khaki shorts and handsome collared shirt. Or T-shirt and comfy shorts. For my daughter, she’s her father’s child and loves sports styles. I will most likely get her a Nike or Under Armor outfit. If your little girl will wear dresses, a cute sundress that matches her basket!

Image from Amazon

9. Special toy and/ or book specific to each child.

My daughter loves video games so I’m adding a game for her. Superhero, animal toy, or book for my middle son. And either ABC or Baby Shark for baby boy. Legos are always a win too!

Image from Amazon

10. Traditional Easter trinket.

You can get the adorable little chicks and bunnies to add to the baskets. We add them each year so we have a little collection going! Sometimes they get dirty or go bad and I just toss them. I use them to decorate the house each year. The kids get excited when I bring them out to decorate and they enjoy playing with them.

I know my kids will be so excited after the “Easter Bunny” comes this year!. Don’t forget to wrap your basket and tie off with creative bow for the full effect. These times are fleeting so embrace your family fun and get togethers! Let me know what you fill your baskets with and ENJOY!


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  1. I used to love giving the kids bathing suits and water shoes on Easter. We also tried to include kites!

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  2. Your Halloween sweatshirt designs are so unique and eye-catching! I appreciate that you’re using high-quality materials for your products, making them not only fashionable but also comfortable and long-lasting. Can’t wait to see what other designs you come up with in the future!


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