Small Business Spotlight #3

Mary Kay with Emily Anderson

Being from South Georgia, I grew up using and wearing Mary Kay® cosmetics. I’m not joking when I say they were the first makeup products to touch my skin. As a child, I watched my Mom’s best friend promote and sell these beautifully packaged beauty essentials. For many generations, we have seen the evolution of skincare and makeup through this brand. Not to mention, the number of women business owners. The amount of women business owners continues to increase daily with a very large portion of these numbers allotted to the brands Beauty Consultant business owners. September 2023 marks 60 years since Mary Kay Ash launched Mary Kay, Inc. This brand was a breakthrough business for women entrepreneurs everywhere. Women can use their beauty regimen to make money. What a genius concept!

Image from Emily Anderson

With that being said, being a MK Beauty Consultant is a very competitive field. I was lucky to meet the most amazing Independent Senior Sales Director, Emily Anderson. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about skincare, she is genuinely a girls girl. She’s a leader to her team of beauty consultants and continues to dominate the field. Her blood runs pink! Emily’s business successes and milestones are commendable. You will see her smiling face on multiple covers of the brands consultant magazines or dropping off orders in her earned MK vehicles. Not only is she a devoted mother of two beautiful girls, she is also a stellar mentor and business woman. She has extensive training and history with Mary Kay® cosmetics. She’s always up to date with the most current beauty secrets to keep us youthful and vibrant! She offers many services and products.

  • Skin care products and makeup, A-Z
  • Pamper parties (virtual and in person)
  • Skincare tutorials
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Keeping her clients updated on the most current products and trends
  • Helping clients setup and maintain your own MK business
Image from Emily Anderson

Tiffany: What made you decide to start your business?

Emily: I was on the hunt for something that would offer me more freedom and flexibility to grow my own business! I value making connections and building relationships. I’ve always loved Mary Kay products so it seemed like a great fit for me!

Tiffany: Where do you see your business in 5 years (goals)?

Emily: My main goal is to build a legacy of love! I strive to help women find their potential while offering them an opportunity that allows them to bring their own unique contribution and to not be held back. I am currently working on earning my 4th free car, the famous MK Pink Cadillac! While also helping people get their skin healthy and build their confidence.

Tiffany: Who are you besides a business owner?

Emily: First and foremost, I’m a Mama of two little girls who are always watching. It is so important to me to raise them in a church and set a good example by putting in the work to be the best that I can be – In all aspects of life! I’m also someone who finds joy in growth and a woman of strong faith, I love the lord!

Image from Emily Anderson

Tiffany: What are you most proud of in your life?

Emily: I am proud of myself. I did not make any excuses in the midst of unlikely circumstances and obstacles. It’s a hard journey to continue to stay focused even when life is thrown at you. But, I’m extremely proud that it’s always been my “why” and not my excuse. Although I’ve been successful in my business, the real pride is seeing the women I’ve helped grow and become success stories too. It’s the vision of building that Legacy of Love come to life!

Tiffany: How can people find you?


*Instagram: @beautygururoom

*Facebook: Emily’s Beauty Guru Room

The beauty industry changes every day. It can be difficult to keep up with the science and trends but, this can all be simplified with the help of your own personal beauty guru. Make sure you contact Emily for any skincare and/ or beauty needs. I’m personally obsessed with the new Mary Kay® Hydrogel Eye Patches. I can’t wait to hear what makeup hacks she teaches you and your must-have products! Cheers!


Image from Emily Anderson

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