Top 10 Items To Take Off Your Baby Registry

There were so many items I thought I had to have when I was a new mom. If you’re expecting, double-check your registry and take the following off your list! Add more size 1-5 diapers and baby wipes. (Ps. You can take unopened diapers and wipes back to Target and Walmart and exchange. I personally loved Pampers diapers and Huggies Natural Care wipes for all 3 babies.)

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1. Wipe warmer. The newborn babies may cry for a second if the wipe is cold but, it’s really not an issue. When they get bigger, it does not affect them at all. I actually had issues getting the wipes out of the warmer in the middle of the night. I threw it away with my first baby and didn’t look back.

2. Diaper Genie. You can use it if you would like however, the bags are small and you will be taking them out as often as the regular trash. The refills are super expensive! You can put soiled diapers in the grocery bags you have stashed in your pantry then in your trash can.

3. Bottle sterilizer. You won’t have time for this especially if you get Dr. Browns bottles (there are so many pieces!) You will most likely end up soaking the dirty bottles and cleaning them out with a brush. I recommend getting this handy feature for your kitchen sink, it’s AMAZING! You can also old school boil them to sanitize.

4. Baby blankets. Unless you have particular ones you need for the baby nursery decor. You will get baby blankets even if you do not register them. Save the registry space for diapers, wipes, and big ticket items.

5. Bottle warmer. If you’re breast feeding straight for the breast, this is self explanatory. If you’re using formula, (which is quite okay! Fed is best!) you will not be warming up too many bottles.

6. A separate changing table. First of all they take up so much space! We got the crib that had the attached changing table, which was perfect for us. Ultimately, you will be changing the baby all over the house.

7. Fancy play yard. If you have a separate room for toys or if the toys are in the baby’s room, all you will need are plug protectors and a baby gate for the doorway.

8. Expensive baby monitor. We still use our baby monitors but, we didn’t get super fancy, EXPENSIVE ones. The ones with video and sound are wonderful! No need to spend $500 on baby monitors.

9. Crib bumpers. Yes, they are super adorable! However, most are not safe for babies. Do your research and decide if the risk is worth the crib decor. We did have bumpers for 2 out of the 3 kids. By baby number 3, I was totally over dealing with the bumpers. They just collect dust and add more laundry.

10. Lastly, bassinet. I said it. Now, if you’re exclusively breastfeeding without pumping you may want a bassinet. If you’re like me, when I was breastfeeding I used the recliner in the baby’s room. We started training all 3 babies early to sleep in their own room and crib. Let me tell you, I believe that was one of the best new parent decisions we made. Our kids LOVE their beds. We have not had to worry about breaking co sleeping habits.

Okay, so there it is! My personal list of unnecessary items on your baby registry. I would love to hear other parents opinions and experiences! Everyone is different, so always choose what works best for you and your family.


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