How I got Blacklisted from Kitten Adoption

I want to tell you a story about how I was recently banished from getting a kitten in our small town. Side note, I love animals! My pitbull/ boxer, Angel, went to heaven a week before I gave birth to my 3rd baby. It was so painful, I still cry! We all miss her so much… so recently my husband and I decided it’s time for the kids to have another pet. We are getting a kitten! Yay! I spent an entire Saturday calling around to all the local animal rescues and pet stores.

RIP my Angel baby

One of my calls was to a locally owned cat rescue, the owner answered the call. She had a few questions for me since I was looking to adopt a kitten. (And let me interject by saying, I totally get it! There are terrible people out there who will do unthinkable things to animals! I am not this person. I cried and mourned my dog Angel so much. Ugh, I still get emotional!)

Anyway, back to the cat rescue owner… The verbal, informal questionnaire was going okay until she asked if the cat would be inside or outside. My honest answer was, “I don’t really know. Maybe the cat would enjoy going outside? I wouldn’t know until we got the cat home and learned their nature.” Cat rescue lady did not like my honest answer. She now completely shutdown our conversation and told me she did not have any kittens. Okay, thank you and have a good day!

I told my husband that it was a weird interaction and I could tell she didn’t like me. Maybe she knew deep down I’m a dog person? But, I love animals and I will fall in love with an adorable baby kitten! We laughed and we packed the kids up to go on a kitten hunt! We went to a local pet store and they had 3 kittens. We fell in love with a black cat who looked just like the cat I had when I was a child. The kitten was already named Pickles and my kids were so excited to hold and play with him! The worker gave me a business card to call as the cats were temporarily in the store from a local cat rescue.

Guess who the business card was for… that’s right! The same cat rescue lady I had spoke to earlier – She lied, she did have kittens! So I called and told her we want to adopt Pickles! She asked, “didn’t I speak to you earlier?” I was like, “um I’m not really sure. I called numerous places.” She then said, “cats cannot be outside.” I said “I understand, we will keep him inside not a problem.” THEN she continued to educate me on cats and nature and how they have to do home visits for cat adoption. My family and I were still in the pet store, my phone reception was bad and my kids were getting into everything. I told her we would take great care of Pickles, how do we adopt. Now she tells me, Pickles was already adopted.

I have since learned this is the town cat lady. I understand she loves and protects cats. However, she has caused that sweet little kitten to not get adopted by a loving family who would have SPOILED and loved him! I hope Pickles does find a good home. It just isn’t with us. Now, we have adopted another kitten and we are so in love! Welcome to the family, Bowzer!


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