Easter Charcuterie Ideas

We are having our traditional Easter brunch and egg hunt this year. This means, we will have traditional Easter dinner and I have to step up my charcuterie board display! There are certain things I always have on my boards:

* Sweets/ candy

* Variety of cheeses

* Variety of crackers, bread, and/ or chips

* Dressings and/ or dips

* Fresh fruit

I love looking at other people’s ideas to get my brain working on designs and setups. I took the liberty of searching the BEST charcuterie boards on Pinterest. Here are my top 10 favorite boards and their creators!

1. Dukes and Duchesses

Image from Pinterest

2. My Moonstone Kitchen

Image from Pinterest

3. Pen + Paper Flowers

Image from Pinterest

4. Pretty Sweet Printables

Image from Pinterest

5. Freutcake

Image from Pinterest

6. A Kailo Chic Life

Image from Pinterest

7. White Arrows Home

Image from Pinterest

8. Anita Yokota

Image from Pinterest

9. Kelley Nan

Image from Pinterest

10. Arina Photography

Image from Pinterest

So there you have it! My current inspiration for Easter 2022 charcuterie board! Stay tuned for pictures on social media of my creation. Which ideas will you try this year?


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